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    Outstanding Studio 54

    Food & Drink
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    23 Martie 23:00 - 24 Martie 03:00
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  • • “Difficult to know what is exactly that attracts people here...at Studio 54. All that one can be absolutely sure of is that it isn’t the conversation.”
    Yes, lovers... Studio 54 is back.
    You all know that L’Ondine is attracted by history, art... crazy about pointing that “old” touch in everything.
    But now, let me show you the Outstanding Studio 54: Mick and Bianca Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, MJ, Cher, Diana Ross...and the A list goes on. Performers, designers, socialites... all felt the magic taste of the iconic Studio 54.
    On 23rd of March, at TAPO, L’Ondine will bring back the Glamour of those years. Be prepared to listen ‘80s carefully selected hits, integrated in our well-known dancing playlist.
    So... be bold, sharp, glam, sassy and feel the magic touch of our event.

    • The dinner starts at 21:30.
    • The party starts at 23:00

    • DJ Mirel Becheanu

    • Wristbands :
    Can be bought at the entrance for 30 lei.

    • Table booking: 0749.084.803 or contact Costi Cocia Daniela Arău Theodor Mihai

    • We reserve the right to select our clients, minors cannot attend the event.