• Orkid - Suruaika EP release / Adrian Tăbăcaru / Expirat / 25.04

  • 25 Aprilie 21:00 - 26 Aprilie 03:00
  • Miercuri, 25.04. Open doors: 9PM
    Expirat Halele Carol. Sala Compresoarelor
    Str. Constantin Istrati 1. https://goo.gl/maps/txYLKnK87o92
    Acces: 25 lei - pre-sale / 30 lei - at the door
    Tickets available in pre-sale via iaBilet.ro: https://www.iabilet.ro/site/event/33633/


    The Post-Traumatic Bluesmen of Orkid are returning to Expirat with a more cinematic and visually enforced project than ever before.
    Suruaika is a giant and incredibly powerful cat, that we all met at some point in our life, with little or no acknowledgement of its true nature.
    It is also the name of the first instrumental EP/soundtrack that Orkid will release on that spring day and the title of the animated short film Vlad and Radu are working on these days.
    Their second release of the day will be a short trailer for the movie project.

    Orkid is a crazy bunch of angry shoegazers that share a great respect, admiration and love for all the beasts of the world, particularly for the sea monsters. The Bucharest based quartet on a continuous and neverending quest for improving the means of communication between marine, terrestrial and extraterrestrial life forms.

    Their first album, Standing Still in the Dark (October 2016) is available here:

    Also available on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Microsoft Groove, ClaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet.
    This year they released another two singles:
    Beasts Apart - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7srSS8y2zf8
    Suruaika - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2geqlr0bqvA

    Adrian Tabacaru is a polyvalent artist. One of the most appreciated drummers in town, he is also a complex musician, composer and multi-media artist. His show combines different music genres, Jazz Fusion / Psychedelic-Electro / Epic Prog-Rock / Dubstep with interactive visuals and lights, for a magic performance.
    Adrian was one founding members of Taine (1993) and he is also the founder of the Electro/World/Jazz band Souptrip with Tom Brandus, Adrian Buciu, Mandela Gajol, Vlaicu Golcea, Raluca Statulat and Luiza Zan. He was also a part of several other music projects.
    His musical inspiration comes from Classical music, Jazz Fusion, Electronic music and Progressive Rock.


    The extended brotherhood of Orkid looks like that:

    The band:
    Vlad Ilicevici: guitars, vocals, keyboards
    Radu Pop: drums, art direction, visuals
    George Frătica: bass & good vibes
    Alexandru Andone: guitar, jouhikko/talharpa, tibetan bowls, wind gong, didgeridoo, claves, rattles, shaman drum

    Our dear guests:

    Valeria Stoica - vocals
    Sebastian Burneci (Bucharest Jazz Orchestra & many more) - trumpet
    Ion Ilicevici (Magazinul de Muzica, Redivivus & many more) - guitar
    Mihnea Ferezan (RoadkillSoda) - guitar
    Daniel Antohi (Second Wave) - vocals

    More to be announced.

    The visuals of our gig will be done by our friends at Les Ateliers Nomad.
    And our brother and amazing artist Pisica Patrata will do some live drawing on the new songs.