• DJ Seinfeld, Demuja, Lysergic action

  • 25 Noiembrie 22:00 - 26 Noiembrie 00:00
    Găzduit de:
  • We are proud to present a very special event which focuses on quality house music and beyond, so without further adieu we bring you DJ Seinfeld for the second time this year, accompanied by Demuja who will be joining us for his first time in Romania and local underrated act Lysergic action.
    Armand Jakobsson is the artist known as DJ Seinfeld, Rimbaudian and Birds of Sweden. Under these aliases you’ll find sweeping emotive cuts, verdant dancefloor workouts and discerning dips into jungle and breaks. Releases have come on respected labels including Meda Fury, Ectotherm, UN.T.O and Lobster Fury: the collaborative label from Lobster Theremin and Meda Fury begun for the explicit purpose of releasing his tracks.
    Also known as Bernhard Weiss, Demuja has been releasing music since 2011 on several labels before eventually estableshing his own imprint, Muja in 2016. The Austrian producer has enjoyed a succesful spell which took the internet by storm, recording several hundred thousand plays.
    This mysterious duo from Bucharest has been producing and djing under several monikers for almost a decade. Their afinity for acid lines is reflected in their sets and productions.

    That being said expect a night packed with house goodness, smooth drinks and good vibes all around.

    See you on the dance floor!