• Extravaganza by Loredana Groza

    Food & Drink
  • 29 Aprilie 22:00 - 30 Aprilie 02:00
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  • A rich, satisfying life is a life full of contrasts.
    Beauty is always in the details. Diversity makes life interesting and there's always the waves and the sound of the Sea to give you the right energy.

    On 29th of April, Loredana Groza will offer us a live performance to satisfy all our hidden personalities.
    Free you passions.
    More body language, less words.
    More attitude, less worries.
    The Artist is in our house.
    Embrace "Extravaganza" life by Loredana Groza in TAPO and live la vida loca.
    Save the date.
    It's TAPO Mamaia