• The depth psychology of yoga and Embodied Yoga Principles workshop

  • 24 Septembrie 10:00 - 12:00
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  • [With Founder Mark Walsh, for the first time in Romania]

    Embodied Yoga uses asana practice for personal insight and to build skills for life. It helps answer these questions and situations:

    - What can yoga teach me about myself and how I live?
    - What matters most to me and how can yoga benefit this?
    - What personal qualities would I like to develop through my yoga practice?
    - you think the body has wisdom
    - you’re a practitioner wishing to discover a fresh perspective and see what can be learnt from other arts
    - you’d like to shift skills from yoga into your life
    - you’re a yoga teacher looking to get new techniques for helping clients and add depth to your classes

    This workshop will be particularly useful for yoga teachers, teachers, therapists, coaches, and of course yoga practitioners who have a basic grounding in posture work. This is not a typical yoga workshop – expect to be inspired and gain some (possibly deep) insights into your own physical/psychological patterns, but in the process expect to be challenged. The day will include sharing experiences with others, group work and partner work.

    Embodied yoga emphasises discovering more about ourselves and improving our lives– rather than athleticism – and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, meditation, dance and martial arts. Embodied yoga is politically aware and avoids both new-age superstition and Western body materialism. Embodied yoga can be emotionally intense as it’s a powerful tool for looking at your personal patterns and changing your life for the better, it’s also more social than most yoga and a lot of fun. In some ways it’s a very novel approach to yoga including things you won’t find anywhere else, though it’s also aligned with traditional yoga’s emphasis on developing the practitioner.


    Date: 24 September, 10:00 - 17:00

    Participation fee: 160 lei

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    Contact: Ioana ioanahudita@gmail.com

    Location: Palatul Universul Bucuresti, etaj 5. (str Ion Brezoianu, nr 23-25)
    Multumim din suflet pentru sustinere si gazduire Studioul Universul :)

    Embodied Yoga Principles Website: http://www.embodiedyogaprinciples.com/


    About Mark Walsh (Founder Embodied Yoga Principles)

    Mark has been a practitioner of movements arts for twenty years, including several years as a full-time aikido student. His main yoga influences are Scaraveli, Yin and Buddhist inspired teachers. He founded and runs several organisations which bring embodiment into business, to aid workers in war zones, and trains yoga instructors and facilitators in twenty countries annually. he started EYP which is now catching on worldwide and leads a regular class in this in Brighton. His YouTube channel has 10 Million hits and he’s now getting self conscious about boasting and talking about himself in the third person so will leave it there.