• A Winter Celebration - The New Pop-Up Restaurant of WeDine

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  • 16 Decembrie 20:00 - 22:00
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  • Discover the new Dining Experience of WeDine.
    The WD pop-up restaurant takes shape once again, on December 16th, as a celebration of the winter feasts and the ending of another year.
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    “Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”
    ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


    A Date: December 16
    An Hour: 8 PM SHARP


    On December 16th, a Saturday it will be, when we shall all gather once again, the last time this year, to celebrate A Celebration of things past and things future, the Christmas, the New Year, the Family we became...
    All of these, and all of that, spoken and unspoken, deserve a dinner. A Celebration.

    As it is our tradition, we will choose one of the most beautiful venues of the year and return for a final feast. Those of you who missed it will be delighted, and those of you who will step in once again, will hopefully do it joyfully.


    Join us, be a part of our year-ending story. A simple proposal that earned its inflexibility after 3 years of passionately creating unconventional dining concepts.


    Emanuel Mocan

    At only 21 years old, Emanuel Mocanu is one of the leading young chefs upon whose shoulders the Romanian gastronomy culture lays its hopes and aspirations.

    At 18 years old he represented Romania by participating at his very first international culinary competition, “Les Chefs en Or”, in France. He won first place.
    Under his mentor’s guidance, Chef Cezar Munteanu, Emanuel participated in 2015 in two contests of great significance, San Pellegrino Eastern Europe and Chefs Challenge Central Europe, both times making the 4th place.

    At the Young Chefs Olympiad in 2015, the most impressive of many contests Emanuel has entered, he won 6th place from 64 participant countries of gastronomic tradition.

    - What is the story of the menu created for the WeDine dinner-event?
    - I tried to reproduce, in a culinary form, my path as a cook, from the very beginning, when I was using common ingredients, then to discovering new flavours, to nowadays, after learning how to balance and enhance simple ingredients.


    Ciprian Zobuian

    Ciprian Zobuian was a Cook for 16 years before falling in love with pastry. It hadn’t been a devouring passion like in the movies, but a constant craving for that perfect sweet something. At least this is what Zobuian was telling himself in the 4 years spent on Cruise Ships, working inhumanely long shifts as a Cook and then volunteering in the Pastry section, learning, testing and tasting recipes of ice cream and cakes.

    Nowadays he is the Brand Ambassador of Belcolade Chocolate and a Pastry Chef with his own “voice”, defined by an unconventional and rebellious approach to combining taste and technique.

    - What is the story of the menu created for the WeDine dinner-event?
    - I started from a very seasonal ingredient – the beetroot, and combined it with wasabi and raspberry. I naturally introduced Belcolade Chocolate into the story, thus resulting a French-Nippon fusion of two grand gastronomical cultures.


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