Filipescu-Cesianu House

Historical building / Museum


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Calea Victoriei 151, București, Romania


The main building is now open to the public, with a new base exhibition – The Museum of Ages. More on the exhibition can be found in the last paragraph of the present text. The garden is also open to visitors, hosting temporary exhibition and events when the weather is favorable. The Lapidarium will soon host a permanent exhibition dedicated to the frescos of the Văcăreşti Monastery, scheduled to open on the 24th of February 2017.

Near Piața Victoriei, at the crossing between Victoria Avenue and Sevastopol Street we can find the residence of Constantin Cesianu. Cesianu House (1892) is an example of the reconditioning of an older residence, from the period of 1846-1850 and is one of the few aristocratic residences of inter-bellum Bucharest which remains faithful to its original design.

Members of Romanian aristocracy, such as Iancu Filipescu and Maria Ghica Filipescu, once lived in this house. Constantin Cesianu expanded the original building with the help of architect Leonida Negrescu. On this occasion, the exterior decorations, imperial rooftop, and the house’s park also came to be.

- 5 lei for adults
- 2 lei for students and retired people
- free for children under 7 years old

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