Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Pavel Susara




Intrarea Viitorului nr 4, Bucursti 030167, Romania


The main purpose of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Pavel Susara is promoting 20th century Romanian art as well as last decades art, especially that which enrolls in the spirit of modernity. Knowing that Romanian modern art has no institutional representation as a museum, MAMCO plans to surpass this absence by organizing important, monographic exhibitions and also by ampler research programs, as a mandatory step towards systemizing modern art in public conscience.

In this sense, the Museums programs include contemporary art, that comes in the natural continuation of modernity, that regards creation as a form of knowledge and research of language and thinking process. Another purpose that MAMCO focuses on is the regional, European and world wide art in general, and exclusively on it`s possible connection and contextualization with Romanian art.

- Free of charge with phone appointment in advance

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