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Strada Lipscani 25, București 030031, Romania


In the historical center, you can also find the old Palace of the National Bank, built on the foundations of the biggest inn from Bucharest, Șerban Vodă Inn, that was demolished in 1883. Then the bank construction started. You will find it at the crossroads of Smârdan and Lipscani streets, as an imposing building with an eclectic academic style. It is indeed remarkable.

Visiting the Museum of the National Bank of Romania in "the most beautiful building in Bucharest", according to the architect Ion Mincu, you will discover:
- one of the most valuable numismatic collections in Romania covering a period of two and a half and a half;
- the oldest coin struck on the territory of today's Romania;
- the smallest paper money printed in Romania;
- the largest exposure of gold coins and medals;
- all the steps taken by the national currency from its beginnings to the present day;
- interesting stories about two remarkable buildings of national heritage;
- less known facts about the people who led the National Bank;
- important moments that linked the activities of the National Bank to the history of Romania;
- unprecedented information about the features and uses of gold.

A visit to the Museum of the National Bank of Romania means a unique and exciting journey in areas filled with monetary, banking and cultural history. A visit to the Museum of the National Bank of Romania will give you the opportunity to enter a knowledge thesaurus.

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