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Sector 5, Bucharest, Romania



In 2001, the Government of Romania decided to set up the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) in the E4 wing of the Parliament Palace, which will be fully renovated. The museum was formed by the merger between the National Office for Documentation and Art Exhibitions (ODEA) and the Department of Contemporary Art, within the National Art Museum of Romania, whose activity ceased in 2001.

In October 2004, the new headquarters of MNAC was opened to the public in the E4 wing of the Parliament Palace. According to Mihai Oroveanu, the director of the museum, the MNAC opts for an innovative exposure formula, the museum in progress, an institution that does not limit itself to archive and passively and collectively collect a collection, but proposes stimulating projects, to imagine new juxtapositions, new correspondences, participate in a synthesis action of contemporary arts, not to miss film, music, literature, dance.

Because the museum is located in a building that is considered a military objective, visitors must go through a security filter similar to airport experience. Security and security are managed by the Gendarmerie and SPP, so MNAC can not influence their missions and implementation.

Pedestrian access is via the B3 gateway from 13th September, the third gateway to the People's House.
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1) Adult entry - 16 lei.
2) Entry of persons with 75% right of reduction - 4 lei:
a) Pupils and students, including those in accredited private education (with valid cards for the current year);
b) Holders of "Euro26" cards, up to 30 years of age;
c) Adults with medium and light disabilities.
3) Entry of persons with 50% right of reduction - 8 lei
a) Pensioners;
4) Guided group tour fee 32 lei / person, with programming at 0213189137.
5) Shooting (amateur photographers) without flash: 15 lei / person (during the visit, based on the entry ticket);

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