A Fallen Angel In Nirvana

Data și ora:

Strada Banul Antonache, București, Romania


Looks like 2018 is just around the corner, but I couldn’t help but wonder how intense was the year that is coming to an end. Brutal, selfish, anxious, but also amazing in its shape, full of romance, flirting and new friendships.
It’s that time of the year when L’Ondine is planning the NYE party surrounded by magic in all forms. Because you know that we are the only one who know that a theme is a theme and emotions are emotions.
Have you ever danced in an urban garden? Have you ever spent a few hours beside angels? Have you ever experienced magic?
This New Year’s Eve Party, you are all invited to enter in the story of a fallen angel in Nirvana. This angel exists in you. It’s all about the decadence of your soul, the one that doesn’t care about what society thinks.
Pay attention, it’s all about your initiation. This party will bring 3 acts. Firstly, it’s about THE FALL of the angel, intensely performed by Madalin Voicu with his classic opera playlist, then THE RECOVERY with our live band and in the end, your initiation will come with THE REBORN IN NIRVANA, with our very well-known 90’s playlist, 100% 90s hits.
You think it’s all about music? I told you...garden, angels, heavenly creatures, so...wait for the set up.

 DJ Dubshake
 Special Guest – Madalin Voicu & POG Jazzy Colts
 Menu signed by Chef Ionut Gagiu
 Prices – 450 lei until 30.11.2017 / 500 lei starting 01.12.2017