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Adam Haraszti Project is a band where the musicians are not always the same except Adam. The band originally was formed in London with Sheldon Agwu, David Mrakpor and Bodo Maier in 2015. They recorded an album in 2016 with only original music.
For different events Adam need to change the musicians, however it means that the music will be more colorful. They always play in the same styles from jazz to soul. The band members can be Sheldon Agwu on Guitar, David Mrakpor on bass, Zsolt Préda-Kovács on clarinet, Bodo Maier on trumpet, Bálint Szabados-Tóth on keyboard, Áron Tucsányi on bass and Adam Haraszti on drums. They play original music but there will be also some tunes from Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Miles Davis, etc.

Adam Haraszti started playing the drums at the age of 6. His first drum teacher was László Csizmadia who taught him playing in many different styles for 13 years. He’s been playing in band since 1999. From 2010-2012 he studied at Kőbánya Music School in Budapest. In 2013 he moved to London and started a course at Institute of Contemporary Music performance. Adam finished this university in 2016 and formed his band Adam Haraszti Project with the musicians of Sheldon Agwu, David Mrakpor and Bodo Maier. Since then he also plays in different bands in Hungary.

Áron Turcsányi was born in 1995. His first musical impressions were coming from his father in the early ages. Áron’s first instrument was the piano but after that he changed to bass guitar over 10 years ago. He mainly influenced by jazz, funk and fusion tunes but he has a wide range of musical experience in many different styles. Áron based in Szeged, Hungary and plays in a few bands such as Geometro, Exit music and Eklektik.

Zsolt Préda-Kovács is a musician, composer and teacher. His main instrument is clarinet but he also plays the saxophone. Zsolt studied at Music Conservatory of Szeged in clarinet course between 2010 and 2014. Sheket was his band for 5 years where he composed the songs, they played mainly folk, klezmer music with influences from many other genres. Zsolt also played in Gypo Circus band from Szeged. He is now a wood wind instrument teacher in a music school of Kiskunmajsa and also a conductor and a composer in a brass band. Zsolt write and compose music for plays and short films.

Bálint Szabados-Tóth was born in 1992 into a family of musicians. His first impressions of music came by his parents, after that he continued his studies on classical clarinet at Kodály Zoltán Secondary Music School between 2007 and 2011. He successfully graduated in 2016 from the University of Szeged, Faculty of Music on MA. He was admitted in Szeged Symphonic Orchestra on clarinet and bass clarinet as well in 2014. However, improvisation and program music are both important elements of his music. He is the pianist of 5309 jazz trio and saxophonist of Geometro, Lusta bítek and Zeninjam bands.

Attila Deák was born in 1979, Szeged, Hungary. He started playing the guitar by himself at his age of 16. Attila’s first band was Volvox, which was a well-known
band in Hungary, from 1999 till 2002. In 2000 he created music piece for the Contemporary Balett of Szeged. From 2002 he joined as a guitarist to Suncity band where they won the prize of ‘The best new band’ in 2004. He played as a session musician in some famous bands such as Copy Con, Kelemen Kabátban, Szabó Balázs Bandája and Gypo Circus. He now plays in Sardinelli and Adam Haraszti Project.

Artist support - 30 ron
RSVP - 0752.206.746

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