After-party concert The Motans @The Joker Club

Data și ora:
Kiseleff 32, Bucharest, Romania


After The Return of The Motans @Berăria H - All The Mot(F)ans are Invited at the #AfterParty! 🥃🥃🥃

🔹 Where?

In The Joker Bucharest (the newest club in the city, situated in the H Pavilion, the same building with Beraria H, just at the main entrance)

🔹 When?
DOH - March 6 / 11:00 PM

🔹 Why?
Because we get what we deserve: ALL THE FUN!

The entry is free for everyone, whether you have a concert ticket or not.

The Joker Bucharest
Kiseleff 32 (Herastrau Park - H Pavilion),
011343 Bucharest - Romania
Book your table at 0748 333 999