Aida și Noi la J'ai Bistrot

Data și ora:

Calea Griviței 55, Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, 010704


Aida și Noi susține un nou concert în București.


Aida from Sarajevo, Mihai from Berlin, Dan and Bogdan from Bucharest, Ati from Santiago de Chile in a show featuring Glam Disco, Psychedelia, Gypsy, Funk, Drum’n'bass, Balkan, Urban Folk, Rockabilly, Tango - and whatever may come out from this funky sounds flirt.

Aida și Noi (“Aida and Us”) brings together several opposite worlds and cultures. Aida is a dentist from Bosnia, but instead of going West like all Balkan immigrants do, she went East and landed in Romania - where she met Mihai, another Eastern European, Romanian immigrant in Berlin, who also took the journey home against the tide. This strange chemistry also attracted Dan, a Romanian visual artist who’s all ‘bout the bass, Bogdan the engineer with saxophone, and multitalented percussionist Ati who came to Romania from far away Chile.

The wacky band put in place a crazy setlist of songs ranging from hipstery 80’ Communist hits to Gypsy anthems made tango and ska and up to Balkan folklore mashed up with Portuguese ballads and Latin American pop, flirting with traditional Balkan made funky and long drum trances with surprising moments of lyricism and explosions of joy and energy, deliberating on the spot basically everything that comes out from this mad combination.

A musical project born out of passion and performed with ultimate happiness.


Aida Sosic - vocals
Mihai Victor Iliescu - vocals, guitars
Bogdan-Mihai Coman - saxophone
Dan Samoilă - bass
Ati de Chile - drums


19:00 - Open doors
20:00 - Concert Aida și Noi

Biletul de acces costă 20 RON și poate fi procurat în seara evenimentului, la intrare.

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