Annual Russian Ball - Mother Russia Meets Mother Gaia

Data și ora:
Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania


Ladies and Gentlemen, Gaia & Mother Russia are back together for one night that no one will ever forget. On January the 21st we will turn Gaia into a Sankt Petersburg palace, so prepare your ”rublas” to buy something that little can afford: Russian opulence. Winter in your glasses, best vodka at your disposal, beautiful women on your side, ballet moves on the dancefloor, rocks on your fingers, gold on your body and extreme power on your mind! During this party the opulence will reach such a high level that your hearts will look like the Faberge eggs. You have the world at your feet and you will be able to dance on it!

Dress code: Opulence on top of elegance with a huge touch of fabulous - Rich fabrics, furs, gold jewellery & precious stones.
Note to self: Party like you own an empire!
Location: Victoria Hall @ Casa Presei.