Apartament m60 • Lucia

Data și ora:

Strada D. I. Mendeleev 2, București, Romania


Lucia (& Band) are our apartment guests for the night. Curtains are drawn.
It’s gonna be mostly an acoustic time, some good wine and night chat.
06.04.2016 • 00:00 • m60 • 50 ron
60 places, tickets sold in advance at M60 and online here: https://www.iabilet.ro/site/event/28789/
vrtw.life • late night closeups
About Lucia:
Lucia’s first single, “Silence”, was officially released in February 2012 and become one of the most listened songs from Radio Guerrilla, while also gathering over 23.000.000 views on YouTube. Her vibrant, delicate voice has touched a deep chord not only in Romanians’ hearts but also around the world.
After her success, followed a contract with Global Records, new songs and concerts. The live debut took place at the 2012 Summer Well on a stage settled especially for her. Since then, with every concert and new single, Lucia worked step by step to discover his own style and sound. Now Lucia is promoting her first studio disc, Silence, released in late 2015. The newest video, "Strong" is filmed at Castle Bran.

youtube.com/luciamariaofficial (official & live videos)