Art Fashion Fair | Spring Greenery

Data și ora:
Strada Dumbrava Roșie, București 030167, Romania


Art Fashion Fair | Spring Greenery

Spring comes alive at Art Fashion Fair | Spring Greenery

Romania’s coolest lifestyle and fashion event - Art Fashion Fair, welcomes you on the 1st and 2nd of April 2017 from 12pm to 8pm at Art Fashion Fair | Spring Greenery, with an eclectic selection of Romanian Designers (contemporary clothing, accessories, home decor and organic products) and lounge garden at Maison 13.

Our goal is to promote businesses that operate in a sustainable fashion and are committed to fostering a healthy community. The Fair launched as an innovative platform for Romanian brands and consumers, where they can connect and interact directly with each other and the public. It combines thoughtfully curated designer exhibitions with the coziest urban oasis (tasty urban food, healthy desserts, coffee & drinks), aiming to create engaging experiences that trigger social interaction.