Benjamin Sauzereau at J'ai Bistrot

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Calea Griviței 55, Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, 010704


Benjamin Sauzereau: guitar player, composer.
A simple guitar solo. Instrumental pieces, half improvised musical haikus somewhere between Arvo Part, Duke Ellington, The White Stripes and Nino Rota.

Benjamin is born in France, and has been living in Belgium for some years now. His works range from Jazz and improvisation (Les Chroniques de l'Inutile) and classical influences (Philémon, le Chien qui ne voulait pas grandir) to minimal music (Book of Air), instrumental songs (Easy Pieces) and installation concert (Jens Maurits Orchestra "the dubtapes", "triggers and thresholds").

His music usually investigates the meeting point of Composition, Improvisation and Arrangement.

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