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Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


The Birthday Party. With Ioana & Suzee

For my 30st birthday, I decided to party for 30 hours – one for each year in my calendar. 4 hours I will spend in the club, unravelling the soundtrack of my 4 favourite years in Control together with my German ally Suzee Lee.

Wear your most glamorous attire, get ready to twist and shout, put on your red shoes and dance the blues, let it happen, because love will never tear us apart on the dance floor.

Pinky promise to myself – I will spend my next 30 birthdays in Berlin – so I’m ready to carry a heavyweight of memorabilia from this night in my suitcase. Are you ready?


Suzee Lee is an editor, music lover and published arts-writer, based in Berlin. She has been working in the art field and in printed and digital media and holds a master degree in cultural studies. Suzee has a long history in sharing her musical obsessions as music journalist, radio host and DJ and as editor in chief of the webzine repeat magazine. Bucharest’s subculture and alternative scene had a considerable impact on her views on life and music. Not for nothing it’s been said Suzee “s’a nascut in Club Control in anii optzeci”, as she hosted music nights in the venue starting as early as 2009.

Ioana Cristina Casapu is a journalist, photographer and producer who has the talent to put the inner tumults of today’s disorientated generation into words, capable to not only move others, but to retrieve and reconcile. In her debut novel “Deviații de Stereo/ Stereo Deviations” Ioana paints a picture of an environment and scene generation Y grew up in, spanning the transformation of youth in the last 11 years, with its landmark venues, digital love affairs and encounters that submerge from the nightlife and tunes that makes everyone crave for authenticity yet share the same emotion. Living your twenties in an Eastern European capital, constantly searching for meaning of life and love can relate to very well to the experiences, places and people pictured, that the author met in her 7 years spent in the club.

Suzee and Ioana met in Control in December 2010.

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