Black Rhino Conference #1 / Music and Communities

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Str. Constantin Istrati 1, Bucharest, Romania, 040542


Black Rhino Conference #1 / Music and Communities
Tuesday 28.03. 7PM.
Expirat Halele Carol. Sala Compresoarelor
Str. Constantin Istrati 1.
Speakers: Geoff Wright aka Presha and Noah Ball
Free entry based on email reservation


Black Rhino opens a series of conferences dedicated to the electronic music industry. We invite artists, promoters, club managers and label owners to share their experience with our public. With these conferences we intend to bring more knowledge on the dancefloor and to intermediate a meeting between emerging and established cultural actors from electronic music.

The conference series open with ”Music and Communities”, a talk about the rise and development of a music scene shaped by culture and sound, artist selection, continuity, promotion and distribution. We are interested in finding out how music shapes and creates communities around, how public and artists resonate around the same frequencies and tempo.
For such a discussion we invited Mr. Noah Ball, managing director of Outlook, Dimensions, Sunfall and Soundwave festivals, and Mr. Geoff Wright aka Presha, internet, radio, and nightclub DJ, event promoter, distributor, and head of Samurai Music Group.
Out talks will start based on the examples offered by Outlook and Samurai Music, two entities that shaped the music scene succeeding to create strong communities around them, formed by both artists and public. By talking with Noah Ball and Geoff Wright we want to share with the public the philosophy and drive behind the organizations they represent in hope that others will find the tools necessary to come with their own input, thus helping to create a strong and dynamic music scene.

The conference will open to questions from the public all through the discussion.

To enter the conference please send us an email with your full name at