Breaking The System - Bucharest, Romania.

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Intrarea Grozavesti, Bucharest, Romania, 00000


Breaking the system (Pressive & TANUS)
An international Tour by 2 Mexican Bands, visiting 14 countries (25 cities of Europe) a total of 35 days of continuous international touring.

!!!Let the world turn and see how amazing the Mexican music industry is!!!

The enormous pasión and efforts behind the people working in the Mexican rock scene is the fuel that keeps us motivated to go a step further and show the whole world what we're made of!

This is our philosophy, and this is the drive that pushes us to surpass our boundaries and set Ambitious goals for our project, this is "Breaking The System"

About The Tour:
breaking The system is a tour composed by 2 Mexican bands that have the most presence in the Latin music industry (Pressive & Tanus), both bands with an industrial and Nu Metal background will tour 14 different countries of Europe during the months of august and September of the current year 25 concerts in a total of 35 days. Frankfurt, Brussels, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest and Sarajevo among others.

About the bands:
Pressive is a very well known Alternative Rock band from Guadalajara/Jalisco characterized for its genuine and addictive sound; the use of Synthesizers and aggressive guitar riffs, combined with the contrast of clean and screamed melodies are the keys to defining the band´s sound.

Often described as a “must see live show” Pressive captivates the audience’s minds and keeps them on edge with an energetic, powerful and dramatic performance.

“Independent Work” is and will continue to be the defining mentality behind the band’s success, and the reason they have accomplished to consolidate a strong image, here are some milestones Pressive has achieved in the last couple of years:

Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2014,2015 (Headlining the alternative stage with artists such as Thell Barrio, P.O.D., here Comes The Kraken and Suicidal Tendencies).
Vive Latino 2016 (Biggest and most important music festival of Latin America).
Empire Music Festival 2016 (Molotov, Café Tacvba, Incubus, Skrillex and many more).
Manzanillo Live 2017 (As headliners with historic Mexican rock bands such as El Tri and Caifanes).

The band has toured extensively in Mexico, Europe and South America and headlined an important amount of smaller festivals, they have also been support in the past opening acts for international and national bands in a number of occasions: Limp Bizkit, Black Veil Brides, Misfits, As Blood Runs Black, Fear Factory, Dark Lunacy, Brujeria, Sepultura, Angra and P.O.D. just to name a few. They have also collaborated with a number of internationally renowned artists such as Andres Gimenez (Argentina) and Elizabeth Grace (USA).

2017 is by far the most challenging year Pressive has ever had, as the releases and impact among fans and the media grow, and the band starts to attract worldwide recognition, the band prepares for new releases and the longest tour yet.

Band members: Carlos Trujillo (Bass and Synths) Josue Alejandre Marquez (vocals and Guitar) Andres Prats (Drums) Lorenzo Prats (Guitar).

Booking information:

Tanus was formed in the year of 2014 under the name of MIKANKH (FULL BAND), former Dj name of the project and what after became the premise of Tanus.

“Mixing Electronic Music and Metal” and looking for a great lineup and the most profesional people that could make a show as energetic as Tanus come to life, This and very hard work is what got the band on the most important festival in Mexico, thus sharing stage with some of the biggest and most important bands in the world (Kiss, Limp Bizkit, Kiss, Rob Zombie).

The band is currently preparing their 2nd album and have released 2 singles from it: Defying Gravity & Shadows, The band is ready to take its fresh sound around the world and will have the opportunity to start by Europe.