Bucuresti Underground meets ENSO

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Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 29-33, Etaj 5, (intrarea pe Strada Baratiei - Magazin Cocor), Bucharest, Romania


ENSO symbolizes enlightenment, a perfect unity of mind, body and nature or inspiration in Zen Buddhism. It is represented by a circle drawn in a unique Japanese concept based on simplicity.

ENSO Label is a seed of the same values, a sound expression for authenticity and balance. Launched in 2014 by Maruntelu, it gave us three releases and a next one promised this spring.

Loopdeville is a well appreciated name in underground’s minimal scene, with releases on BodyParts records, Knock Knock Series, Moss Co. as well as Delooped Records but also various projects with our Suciu.

ZPH is one of the talents that grown steady but are rarely seen at parties. He released at German label Be Chosen Records Official sublabel Neostrictly and also on ENSO with boss label Maruntelu.
Maruntelu has come a long way in the Romanian underground, being focused on creating and defining moments that are out of time.

We’re expected to discover a hidden electronic story on March 25, when the surprising joint-venture is set to play.


15 lei < 00:00 < 30 lei
we reserve the right to select our guests

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