Crowd Control - live at Control

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Marți, pe 16 aprilie, vă invităm la un nou show live Loud Blood Youth unde veți putea asculta, în exclusivitate, noi compoziții Crowd CTRL.

Brutus! ( 50% bar discount after 22.00h)
entrance fee: 10 lei

“A good example of musical evolution, of understanding the current musical context, of patience in pursuit of a purpose, of transposing desires in tangible achievements. Future sound of Romanian spoken word!” Mihai Dinu of, RADIO GUERRILLA, RFI Romania, Radio Seven

“The fingers from one hand would be too many to count the Romanian bands that have stand out this year. Crowd Control is one of them and they begin the year with a fresh new video. Andrei’s voice is surprisingly melodic and the arrangements are hinting towards synth flavored indie.”Mihai Tiţa of ART7, Sunete, FHM, Chill Bill, GQ & Playboy

“Every time I listen to Crowd Control I feel like making something better with my life. Be more socially active. Protest against homophobia, racism, meat consumption, corruption in the Third World countries, Women’s Rights, teachers’ salaries, doctors’ salaries, working peoples wages and atomic energy. But then the song ends and I come back to my dull observer life. If you like this band we might see a flashmob about high prices within festivals.” Marius Ghenț of VICE România

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