Dirty Disco w. Eugen Radescu & Adina

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


'Disco is nothing but not a fantasy world, where you can change your identity by changing your costume'

On the other hand, dirty disco is what we do when you're not getting bored. Especially if you decided to skip the waves this year and stay in the city (srsly???)

It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Guess we'll just gather all those lush, subversive sounds fueling your dirty moves and thoughts. At the stroke of midnight, Sunday turns into the 1st of May and things get out of Control. Put'em your dancing shoes & boogie thru that pussy galore pleasuredome soundtrack: Italo♪ Disco ♪ Pop ♪ New-Wave♪ Nasty, Guilty Pleasures♪

Sala Berlin
free admission