Edmond Bilal Band [FR]

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Calea Victoriei, București, Romania


Edmond Bilal Band
The Dover Session Tour

Edmond Bilal Band is the beautiful encounter between PAUL Robert [saxophones], SIMON Chivallon [piano], MATHIAS Monseigne [guitar & bass] and CURTIS Efoua [drums] at Agen and Bordeaux Conservatories.
Four friends who harness on stage a such energy that their music invite to share and dance. They communicate their love of every type of music in joy, malice and humor.
Through meetings, Edmond Bilal Band has grown outside the box, by constantly reinventing itself in front of a constantly growing audience.
Led by groove, improvisation and composition are melting in order to connect acoustic and electric.

The 4 French jazzmen will stop by Bucharest, Sibiu, Brașov and Timișoara in order to present their brand new EP “The Dover Session” coming out on October 15th.

- 30 lei/person (if purchased until October 21st - with a phone call in advance @ 0788 452 485)
- 40 lei (in the evening of the event)

info & bookings:
concerte@greenhours.ro / 0788 452 485 (L-V: 11-18)


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