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Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


ELEKTRO GUZZI have been called many names: man-machine, clockwork, techno organism. It is one like no other. By now, the 3 Austrian wizards have become the preeminent techno band. A trio of guitar, bass and drums, they play murder beats with the drive of a machine and the sonic detail of an instrument.

The unparalleled appeal of matching sound and performance vision in real time – you see how every sound is created, right there, on the spot – have made them a primary choice for cutting edge festivals like Roskilde, Sónar (2x official programm), Mutek, Melt!, Stop Making Sense, C/O Pop, Eurosonic, Extrema, Iceland Airwaves, Sziget, Dancity, Spring Festival, Positivus and a long list of others across Europe, North and Latin America and Japan. In parallel they have conquered the club circuit from Berghain to Fabric, Trouw to Arma17.

Elektro Guzzi was nominated 4 times for the Austrian Grammy, the Amadeus and won the EBBA (Europen Border Breakers Award) in 2012.

Elektro Guzzi´s third masterpiece "Observatory" is out since May and, of course, getting raving reviews.

Elektro Guzzi has been going strong since the release of their debut album in 2010, and they are making it their aim to blow away what you thought live techno music could sound like (and how its made). Do Androids Dance (UK)

>> The creation of "Observatory" marks Elektro Guzzi´s best recording so far. Because the trio achieved to emancipate from the reproduction of techno and advanced into psychedelic fields without leaving behind any precision or strength. SPEX (DE)

>> Best techno band in the world. Even if Jeff Mills, Carl Craig and Mike Banks would form an all instrumental band, it would sound as great as Elektro Guzzi. This is how techno is able to sound if its done with a contemporary approach. The Gap (AT)

>> I LOVE THIS BAND - says President Bongo of Gus Gus (ICE)
Observatory is a rich sonic tapestry: driving 4/4 grooves layered with what are most likely guitar FX plus some other unidentifiable crackly bits. You might be forgiven for thinking this lot trade on a gimmick but the result is subtle and compelling. An undeniable aural treat. The Crack (UK)

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