Fictiv III w/ EROL ALKAN & Gemini Brothers

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Erol Alkan [Phantasy Sound]
Gemini Brothers [Skint Records]

Erol Alkan has lived many different guises so far; DJ, remixer, label founder, club promoter, radio host, and each with great success. Keen to keep moving forwards, what, one might wonder, allows Alkan to remain such a vital figure in contemporary music, both in the DJ booth, in the studio and beyond?!

“I am not afraid of change,” Alkan considers. “I have faith that if I’m playing great records that people will connect to them, and I try to stay true to that.” Playing records comes easy to Erol, having spent the past two decades at it wherever possible, from a beginning sneaking out of his bedroom to fend off brutish American rock purists while spinning British indie records in small West End nightclubs, to his current club sets that explore the bleeding edge of underground, off-kilter house, techno and disco, albeit to a somewhat more enthusiastic audience.

“I want to make great records, or be part of great records”, explains Alkan succinctly. “I cannot play music I do not believe in, and I don’t want to be someone I’m not.”


You don’t have double vision, they really are twins!
Just signs with very known Skint, our twins despite all the time focusing on their productions in the last year. The Gemini’s have still managed to fit in notable DJ appearances throughout Europe including: Berlin, London, Prague, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Napoli and headlining at the legendary Pllek in Amsterdam at the first Sinchi Altered States festival and back this year in Amsterdam for 2016 ADE.
The Gemini Brothers work has generated respect and praise from many of the scenes most influential people, and their stock only rises with each release, remix and club set. Fine folks such as John Talabot, TIGA, Daniele Baldelli, Ivan Smagghe or Andrew Weatherall (ALFOS), played Gemini Brothers latest tracks in their sets.
Full of surprises this two gentlemen.