Fratelli Mamaia "The weekend of May 1st"

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Strada Glodeni 1-3, București, Romania


Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia "May 1st" is going to be one of the most intense party marathons in Fratelli!
Get ready for three exquisite nights on Friday - April 29th, Saturday - April 30th and Sunday - May 1st !

FRIDAY, APRIL 29th - Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka invites you to live the NOW with DJ Pete!

Friday, April 29th, 11:30 p.m., it’s time! Time to pull yourselves from whatever you are doing and live an incredible story with DJ Pete in Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia!
We’ve prepared the set-up for a story so great, it can only be about … you! You’ll be the stars of a night so intense, that you will have no option but to live every second of it and enjoy every drop of the incredible adventure!
Our friend DJ Pete, from Mykonos, will work his magic with Ruky DeeJay and our incredible team to turn the night into a galactic show, for stars like yourselves to shine and be mesmerised in a one of a kind party of the year.
If your hopes are high, take them higher. Sky high. Because that’s the proper definition on NOW: a moment so intense, you’ll live it to the fullest!
Meet us in Mamaia!

SATURDAY, APRIL 30th - The Londoners @ Fratelli Mamaia present Beware of Artists with Sylvain Armand!

As Queen Victoria once said, “Beware of Artists” this Saturday, April 30th, in Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia, as The Londoners and their friends have gathered in a artistic movement.
Art. In many shapes and forms, in different sizes and unexpected context will collide in a fantastic show. And to portrait the night in vivid sounds, The Londoners have invited Sylvain Armand, our dear friend and one of the best DJs to play in Fratelli, along with DJ MK33 and a team ready to paint the night in shades of utmost fun and glittering smiles!

Be ready for an exceptional artistic Saturday night. We’re lightning up Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia starting 11:30 p.m.

SUNDAY, MAY 1st - Damian & Brothers in Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia!

Well, well, well. If it isn’t a wild night, we have no idea what it is!
When you thought you’ve had them all, we’re just pressing yet another play button to unleash an addictive show, featuring a surprising new music genre, with pop-electro vibes and an orchestra that comes with such an intense vibe, that it will take you dancing instantly! On short, Damian&Brothers.

Damian & Brothers, also known as Filarmonika Romanes, sign a new world music movement, the Gypsy Cuban Project, coming up next months, with an incredible re-interpretation of Cuban and Gypsy music, never done before. Think Buena Vista Social Club re-invented on gypsy music.

Sunday, May 1st, Damian Draghici, Grammy Award winner, and Brothers, along with our dear friend Johnny DaMix will turn Fratelli Beach & Club Mamaia in one huge stage, as they’ll put up a one of a kind show! Have no doubt, it will be a memorable night!

Get ready to dance your hearts out,

Reservations: | 0725.510.000 | 0722.115.115

Fratelli reserves the right to select its clients, due to the capacity of the locations and the reservation list.
Access 18 + | Never drink & drive | We do not endorse the use of drugs