Garden BBQ & Open Stage at Ceainaria 5!

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Data și ora:

Strada Olimpului, nr. 13, Bucharest, Romania, 040196


Friends of Bucharest,

We'll soon be closing our garden for winter, so along with 50 of our favourite friends from all around the world, we'd like to invite you ALL for a special afternoon at Ceainaria 5 and our biggest event of the year.

We will kick of the day with a Romanian styled BBQ, bringing together all our favorite people from around the world and in Bucharest. Bring your own food, throw it on the grill and let's enjoy!

Afterwards, in the evening at 7pm, it’s time for the biggest Open Stage night of the year at Podstel/Ceainaria 5 and you’re all invited!

Open Stage night has been our favourite event to run as we love giving people a stage to share what they love with each other!

Whether it’s a poem, speech, song, story, rap battle or magic trick, come along and share it with the community!

If you don’t want to get on stage, that’s fine too… Come along and meet some great people and enjoy the positive energy in the garden.

We have a PA system, so this means that we can amplify anything from microphones, instruments, to recordings. No limits!



14:00 - BBQ is fired up! Come on down and enjoy yourself, meet some great people and chill in the garden.

18:30 - If you want to perform something, the Sign-up for the Open Stage Night begins!

19:00 - Open Stage Night Begins and the microphone is hot :)


FREE ENTRY - This event is part of Podstel’s Annual Gathering where 50 friends from around the world will be coming to enjoy the best of Bucharest and Podstel.

We look forward to seeing you all there!