Godsleep // Methadone Skies // Cardinal // Avalanche Street // Friday - September 30th // Fabrica

Data și ora:

Strada 11 Iunie 50, București, Romania


20:00 - Open Doors
21:00 - Avalanche Street
21:45 - Cardinal
22:45 - Methadone Skies
23:00 - Godsleep

25 Lei in avans
30 Lei @ the door
Tickets: https://eventbook.ro/event/search?term=godsleep

A heavy rock band formed in Athens, Greece, in 2010. The same year, the band released a promo album with four tracks, one of which was included in the list with the best rock by the Californian music label “272 Records”. Godsleep, characterised as one of the most promising bands of the heavy/ psychedelic rock sound. The band participated in high profile festivals in Europe like Freak Valley 2012, Aquamaria and Yellowstock during 2013. In May 2015 Godsleep released their debut full-album "Thousand Sons of Sleep" in CD/Digital, which was honoured by “Metal Hammer GR” as album of the month, also “Doom Charts” included it in the top 25 albums, LP format released by “Rock Freaks Records”. In October of 2015 they performed as headliners in their first Greek tour.


https://www.facebook.com/Godsleepband https://godsleep.bandcamp.com


“And be sure Godsleep just got me drowned in them. I mean it’s not even possible for me to try to reach the surface to catch a breath, the more I listen to “Thousand Sons Of Sleep“, the deeper I am in this flood of fuzz…” morefuzz.net

“Thousand Sons of Sleep is an effectively solid and warmly earthy album. Taken as the debut that it is, Godsleep deserve some genuine respect, particularly for how lively they keep their momentum while plowing up old bones” metalblast.net

“Not only their debut “Thousand Sons Of Sleep” displays a stunningly groovy and infectious combination of sludge, stoner and psychedelic-rock, it sounds as if it was forged in the heart of New Orleans or Palm Desert” rifflordsmag.blogspot.co.uk

“Riffs more solid than a rock accompanied by long psychedelic solos, a bass player I with absolutely stunning sound setting the rhythm amazingly for the rest of the band, songs long in duration but not boring at any time and a singer so awesome and cult that I couldn’t take my eyes from” metalpaths.com

Methadone Skies
Psychedelic/Progressive/Stoner Rock/Metal


Avalanche Street