Ground Zero 1 YEAR Celebration Party

2 Aprilie 10:00 12:00

Strada Someșul Rece 123, București, Romania


Sambata 2 Aprilie deschidem lag portile fabricii pentru toti oamenii nebuni sa traiasca, sa vorbeasca, sa fie salvati.
Curiosi sa aflati cum se face cea mai apreciata bere romaneaca?
In ziua evenimentului veti putea lua parte la o zi de brewing. Vom face o bere speciala aniversara pe care voi o veti putea alege pana atunci printr-un vot democratic pe pagina noastra de
Burgeri de la van, beri artizanale din fabrica, oameni nebuni sa traiasca...o sa fie epic.

It all began 1 year ago after Romanian bureaucratic system authorized our craft beer studio to officially start brewing. We didn’t waste much time in shadows after that. Ever since the beginning we have been trying to craft a work of art inside each bottle. We specialize in modern, hop-forward beers with bold distinctive flavours. Morning Glory, our first IPA started the new Romanian Craft Beer Revolution. More craft beer styles quickly followed. This is the end result of a passionate challenge: "Break all rules and burn all known boundaries in crafting beer, let everything cut down to creativity, spontaneity & non-conformism."

Here we are now, happy to celebrate 1 year of Craft Beer Revolution, 1 year for our Craft Beer Studio. Romanian craft beer IS changing. We are craft beer. Open your mind and let's celebrate together.

Have you ever brewed a beer? Or at least assist the brewing process? On our 1st birthday festivities we are planning a very special BrewDay. So, on top of everything else, you are all invited for the Ground Zero Microbrewery Takeover. Let's have fun and cook together a very special anniversary brew.

Everyone is invited to VOTE for a style here:

Stay tuned for more hot info about the celebration party!

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