Harp Festival

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Data și ora:
Strada Știrbei Vodă 33, București 030167, Romania


etween 26th – 28th of October 2018 the National University of Music Bucharest and Romanian Harpists Association will organize the 3rd Edition of Bucharest Harp Festival. Two Harp Exhibitions will be open - in collaboration with Camac Harps and Papfalvy Harps-Hàrfamives.

The Festival is a harp celebration and gathers Romanian harpists and international guests from France, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Republic of Moldova and Italy. The aim of the Festival is to promote the harp within the young generation.
During the Festival, harpists students will have the opportunity to attend in masterclasses, free of charge, benefiting from the value and experience of internationally recognized harpists.
On this occasion, the Festival will celebrate over 125 years of harp in Romania.
The program of Bucharest Harp Festival will include the following: recitals, masterclass, workshop, symposium and the harp exhibition.