Hostel Casablanca: As Longitude [Knekelhuis/Eine Welt-DE] Live

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Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania



As Longitude [ Knekelhuis/Eine Welt - DE ] - Live

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Eine Welt @einewelt (DE) Knekelhuis @knekelhuis (NH)
are Berlin based sound explorers Laura ODL and Eva Geist. They started to record electronic sessions on the wave of fresh and prolific inspiration. Their live performances are made of infinite bass loops, drum machines and sequenced riffs, crooked, overdriven synths and tape manipulations. The output is a unique raw experimental acid, spatial techno, bubbling soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms.

At 44.435456 latitude As longitude will make some of those trips feel like earth bound rituals while other will seem to be nothing less than ceremonies of stratospheric magnitude.