I Love You But I’ve Chosen West Berlin | Ioana & Carina

Data și ora:

Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Two girls walk home alone at night in different districts of the world. Join them for a new season of stranger things and dirty beats from Charlottenburg, Berlin + Bucharest, Romania.

Ioana Cristina Casapu is an author and immersive journalist. In 2015 she published a study about modern dating, after spending five months on Tinder and meeting over 160 people in 5 countries. Her first book is an autopsy of the Y generation.

Carina Călin is the founder of DETOX+MARKET, an avant guarde fashion&design fair which caters wardrobe stories to people with a taste for memorabilia.
local support (after the divas decide it's time to get hammered): Zabriskie