Jay Z Wants In Gaia But Beyonce Won't Let Him

Data și ora:

Strada Țărmului, București, Romania


Say hip, say hop, say uh la la, this Saturday hip-hop rules Gaia. Get yourselves ready for a night that will make your bodies feel the music and your mind to process the lyrics. This Saturday Gaia become a gangsta paradise. We’ll all go crazy like Jay-Z & Run DMC, we’ll al be the best like Kanye West, we’ll party rough just like Puff, and none of us will be fake, just like Drake. You’ve never seen more bling bling than here!

Dress code: Lots of bling bling, baggy pants, large t-shirts, caps & hoodies.
Note to self: We started from the bottom, now we here!
Music & Emotions by Mihai Leonte