Joi la 82 w: Charlie / g76

Data și ora:

Strada Popa Nan 82, București, Romania


After our experiments from last year, we are restarting our Thursday sessions, promoting the evolution of our underground music scene: Joi la 82!

By inviting talented young artists that represent the future, we expect to support the cause of giving the decks to those who have the gift to offer unique experiences to us. If you want to be a part of this process, attend and make sure to contribute in their ascension with the best possible vibe.

For our first chapter of this season, we have two DJs that already made good impressions for some years now, including last weekend at the Mioritmic Festival: Charlie & Gojnea / G76.

Beginning at 8PM and lasting until the sunrise, these sessions will surprise you in other ways as well: 10 RON entry fee and friendly prices at the bar.