Spiritual Seasons, Live in Bucharest

21 Februarie 21:00 23:00

Intrarea Grozavesti, Bucharest, Romania, 00000


Spiritual Seasons - Powerful medieval & celtic melodies, poetic nordic ballads combined with an energizing and endearing performance! Since 2004 Spiritual Seasons have been touring Europe & Asia, boosting good energy with their positive contagious appearence. They are guaranteed to make you dance, sing and smile!
The band have released twelve albums and played more than a thousand concerts.

Victor Smirnov - vocal, guitar, bouzouki, jew's harp;
Anton Smirnov - block-flute, tin-whistle, flute, bagpipe;
Papush Mikhail - bass guitar, banjo, guitar, drums, vocal, bouzouki, irish bodhran;
Boguslavskaya Marie - violin, vocal;
Lidia Smirnova – traditional dances.

The evening will be filled with Viking battle songs, songs of mysterious Scandinavia, Medieval and Celtic music!
And the alcohol selection is amazing too!

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