Keira Is You & From Love to Reflux

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Strada Colței, București, Romania


Pe 22 Martie continuam seria concertelor aniversare 14 ani de Underworld cu un Super Concert!
KEIRA IS YOU (Post Rock, Pl)
FROM LOVE TO REFLUX (Electronica, Pl)

KEIRA IS YOU are an ambient / postrock band, formed in 2009 in Chorzów, Poland. The music itself could be described as very organic and slow paced. Debut album entitled "Nothing Else Will Happen" was released on their own label - Daydreem Recordings in September 2009. Next release, a four track EP - “One of those things that You do once in a lifetime and hopefully learn a lesson from” (more than 30 minutes in length) saw the daylight in the spring of 2011. This is also the first chapter of collaboration between the band and Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna.
Second full length - “Last row needs heroes” was released in September 2013 on Edils Recordings an independent label from Liverpool, UK, recorded again in Sweden with Magnus Lindberg behind the mixing desk & Martin Sandström on additional guitar. (Jeniferever, Ştiu Nu Ştiu, Drifter) Tour - „Last row still needs heroes” lasts 60 days, where guys are performing almost each night all over the Europe.
A year later, the british label is releasing LIVE album of the group entitled „Thought I told You to Give up?”, which was captured on tape during first part of the European tour 2014. The band supposed to start promoting live record touring the UK but had taken part in a serious car crash on Belgian highway, leaving the band members with multiple injuries. All band activities had to be stopped to solve out all of the difficult issues that occurred after the accident.
This year brings new album by Keira Is You called „Free Floating Anxiety” recorded, mixed & mastered by band' s singer Jakub Radomski. Record will be released by British label in september.
Since 2010 band played more than 200 shows all over the Europe.

FROM LOVE TO REFLUX is a music project established by Post-Man) in 2010.
Due to the band's great fascination with progressive rock sounds,
the initial focus was put on prog-rock compositions. As the project's members had troubles with categorizing the type of music they were playing, it was called 'avangarage'.
Since the beginning, the project has evolved a lot, changed its members and directions.
As of today, it is realized as an electronic music duet consisting of Post-Man a synth and glockenspiel player and Ola Voyt a ukulele and small percussion instruments playing vocalist.