La Dolce Vita

Data și ora:

Parcul Herastrau, Intrarea Pescarus, Bucharest, Romania


Bella gente, this Saturday we party italian style. We'll celebrate life and all the beatiful things that makes it is so special: love, we'll laugh and play, we'll fall in love like Romeo and Juliet, we'll drink as we were at a wedding in Sicily. This is what we call LA DOLCE VITA.
Men be tough as Al Capone!
Women be soft and sexy as Sophia Loren!

Let yourself inspired by the italian fashion. Wear anything that will make you feel free and special. We recommend black lace or cute dots.

Enjoy everything that life gives you because LA VITA E BELLA.

Ci vediamo Sabato!

18+ guests only
Please understand that we reserve the right to select our clients
Don’t drink and drive
Parking and valet service available

RVSP: 0744 450 450