Leave Your Mark

Data și ora:

Calea Victoriei nr.21-23, Bucharest, Romania, 7000


the last Friday of March invites you to endeavour on the Road to Hope and be part of a rare jamboree concept as well as something perhaps greater than each of us taken individually

friends and friends of friends will raffle for a cause, the dancing floor will witness your emotions and your colored wands will express your imagination

• dress code: bring your white (t)shirt •

• entry fee: 15RON (one shot included) •

• note to self: Leave your mark, not just a stain! •

• colored markers are on us •

• details & reservations: Stefan Tru • 0724 201 761

•• this is a social CHARITY event - all funds raised will cover the cost of a summer camp for 50 disadvantaged children coming from foster care and impoverished families

•• going to be organized in Valcea county at the end of July, 2018, the one week summer camp aims to boost these children's self-confidence and self-esteem by offering encouraging and motivational experiences