Liminal Talks

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Strada General Eremia Grigorescu 10, București, Romania


“Humanity is an ongoing question and technology cannot answer on our behalf.” Damon Young, "Can technology save us?"

In this night of talks, six local and international thinkers working across art, science and technology will share their views and encourage conversation about issues related to technology that matter now and in the future.

What vision of the good life compels us and how can we commit to it for a better future? Should machines be regarded as mere instruments serving human creativity, or as our equal collaborators? Are we becoming emotionally attached to our devices and how is this attachament framing our reality? These are some of the questions the panel, together with the public, will try to answer.

The highlight of the evening will definitely be the launch of our gorgeous publication, MINDCRAFT Stories, a one of a kind exhibition catalogue and a printed preable of MINDCRAFT Stories online platform which is about to set off later this year. MINDCRAFT Stories is a special project by Modulab in partnership with BRD Groupe Societe Generale which aims to spotlight important scientific and technological phenomena in our culture. Cristina Bogdan, the editor of this special edition, is one of the best art theoreticians and curators in Romania. You can find her work at ODD, one of the most versatile and active art centres in Bucharest, and as an editor for ARTA magazine.

The talks will be followed by a DJ set with Orbita Lacustră.


★ Abby Rose - Tech for Good Global

★ Maria Guță - World VR Forum

★ Constantin Vică - Research Centre in Applied Ethics

★ Rachel Uwa - School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe

★ James Williams - Oxford Internet Institute

★ Ștefan Tiron - The Space Agency for Nocturnal Journeys to the Origins of the Universe


Admission for this event is free

Liminal is a Bucharest-based festival and year-round project of ideas and experiences to inspire and engage people to evaluate the role and impact of tecnology over their lives.

This year's theme is The Good Life and in this edition we investigate, across three main events, an exhibition, a night of talks and a hackathon, how technology is reconfiguring our ideas about what it means to be human, live well and do good.

Created by Modulab
Project director: Ioana Calen
Project curator: Catalina Bolozan
Interactive installations: Modulab
Visual identity: Radu Manelici
Communication, PR and activation: Sînziana Boaru Gîrjob
Partners: Muzeul George Enescu, POINT, Fix
Media partners: Radio Guerrilla, IqAds, Noizz, Scena9, Vice, Ziarul Metropolis, Zeppelin, Modernism, Art7, Bucharest City App

Publication editor: Cristina Bogdan
Texts: Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Cristina Bogdan + Georgia Nicolau, Cătălina Bolozan, Ioana Calen, Alexandru Ciomartan, Georgiana Cojocaru, Yuka Fukuura + Andreas M. Schneider + Julianne Plazhalter + Ștefan Tiron, V. Leac, Cosmina Moroșan, Frédéric Neyrat, Andra-Elena Stan, Constantin Vică
Translations: Alexandra M. Păun
Proofreading: Andra-Elena Stan
Illustrations: Timotei Drob
Image credits: Alan Brown, Anticorp Solar, Garnet Hertz, Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu & UAU, Modulab, Marius Stoica, Very Very Far Away
Graphic design & layout: Otilia Mihalache-Fiastru

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Cultural project co-funded within the Bucharest - Participative City cultural program by ARCUB and Bucharest City Hall.

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