Lola Villa (CO) | Zabriskie

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Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania


Lola Villa is a multimedia artist and cadence maker. Her travels have not only brought her closer to her Latin American roots, but have also propelled her curiosity for tribal, organic and visceral rhythms.

When playing, Lola invokes landscapes, animals & rituals of her homeland Colombia – a country rich in Amazonian, Andean, Afro and Arab musical legacies. Her electronic sound is for that exact same reason a profound journey of melodies, a playground of rhythms going beyond genres and boundaries.

Lola has played at national and international clubs and festivals such as: Studio 151 (New York) Burning Man (Nevada) Radion (Amsterdam) Number 90 (London) Jonny Knüppel (Berlin) SoundSo (Leipzig) Untold Fest (Cluj)

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