Data și ora:

Etaj 1, Strada Smârdan 30, București, Romania


LOVE is the leitmotif of this special day, not because until today no one has managed to define it, but because everyone in this world feels it one way or another. It could be the passion for your life partner, or maybe the neverending stories of you and your bff's, or even your devotion to something you really enjoy doing. One thing's for sure: it's always nice celebrating it.

We invite you to come to Lovers Brunch and discover an atmosphere designed to whet your appetite for love.

On stage JAZZ GOES POP quartet will delight us with some of the finest jazz harmonies in the history of music:
Robert Patai (voice)
Ciprian Pop (guitar)
Adrian Flautistu (bass)
Vlad Popescu (drums)

DJ Rammon will carefully choose the most appropriate vinyls to complete the funky-romantic musical experience.

Chef Tatian will sprinkle aphrodisiac flavor on each and every dish, leaving you the joy to choose anything from our buffet:

Tapas with tapenade olive and prosciutto
Tapas with spicy cheese and chorizo
Tortitas with brie cheese and pomodori sechi
Spinach and cheese pie
Charcuterie plate with blue cheese, prosciutto, chorizo, dried raw steak, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, olives, pickles

Fresh salmon, grapefruit, caramelized red onions and pine nuts salad
Salad with baby spinach, roquefort cheese and berries
Greek salad with grilled halloumi cheese
Salad with beef steak, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese
Mexican tuna salad

Mini texan beef burger
Pork ribs baked with sweet spicy sauce with ginger and honey
Thai beef with noodles
Fideua catalan ali olio with sea food

Rice with vegetables
French fries
Baked potatoes with rosemary

Pavlova with berries and mascarpone
Fruit Mousse with chocolate

Entrance: 90 lei

NOMAD Skybar / Smardan 30 / 0735.44.80.80