Magdalena Golebiowska : Songs of Kujawy (PL/RO)

Data și ora:

Calea Victoriei, București, Romania


Green Hours presents:

Songs of Kujawy (PL/RO)

Magdalena Golebiowska - vocal
Daniel Torres - saxophone
Dan Mitrofan - guitar
Michael Acker - bass
Scurtu Octavian - drums

Magdalena Golebiowska….an artist with beauty, grace and sensibility.
A warm tone, an exceptional voice; she can turn each song
into her own. The talent that found grounds in the Music
Conservatory of Amsterdam has been envolving, taking
flight to several international stages. Her love to cooperate
with a variety of musicians and music styles, carried her
over to Cairo Jazz Festival in 2013, where she was also
invited to perform at the Middle East's top rated TV show
Bassem Youssef's „Albernameg".
„Songs of Kujawy” is the search of the essence of
Polish soul in music….new compositions inspired by
forgotten voices of the past.

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- 40 de lei - achitat în ziua evenimentului (locuri imitate: 1/2 pentru elevi, studenți, pensionari și nevoiași)

# ideal din timp - pe (cf. în max. 48 ore)
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