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Carol Davila, nr. 1, Bucharest, Romania, 050451



An Unrestrained Cornucopia of Fusion, Funk, Rock, and Jazz!
A select few musicians with harmonica as their primary instrument hold a place in the jazz hall of fame. 24-year old Mathias Heise may not be a name familiar to many jazz fans as yet, but he is a fast-rising star seemingly destined for great things.

In 2012, Mathias Heise founded his fusion band Mathias Heise Quadrillion with equally talented peers (now average age 24): Mads Christiansen (guitar), David Vang (bass), and Aksel Stadel Borum (drums) + Mathias himself on chromatic harmonica/keyboards.

Mathias Heise Quadrillion reinvent jazz fusion, having created a completely unique sound combining the chromatic harmonica with new, updated Funk-Rock-Jazz - dubbed FuRoJazz! FU for Fusion, Funk and Future, RO for Rock, and of course Jazz.

Jazz harmonies and improvisation are merged with rock and funk music’s hard-hitting primal beats, and fused into a euphoric, vibrant and very personal expression of sophisticated elegance and accessible grooves.

Mathias Heise Quadrillion’s obvious talent and striking live performance have – despite their young age – already made them a sought after group abroad, where they have played at major festivals in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco and the Czech Republic.

New Album ‘Decadence’
‘Decadence’ was released in June 2017 as a sequel to their debut album ‘Sudden Ascent’ (2015). The new album is produced by Grammy Award winning L.A. producer Erik Zobler, who is known for his longstanding cooperation with George Duke, among many others.

Artist support - 40 ron/persoana
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