Mihail’s Thursday at Biutiful

Data și ora:

Strada Glodeni 1-3, București, Romania


This Thursday, Mihail takes over the night in Biutiful!

All set for an incredible performance to tune in the night and take it to another level. Prepare the lyrics and get ready to sing along on Mihail’s top hits!

You may begin here: www.youtube.com/MaUcideEa

Talented musician and art passionate, started to study piano at 7 years old, at his mothers insistence, and two years later he first met the guitar. In 2016 he promises to launch his first album released and a new single, “Who You Are”.

This Thursday, it’s Mihail’s night in Biutiful, Glodeni 1-3, starting 7 p.m.. Come on over, we’re on for a big party.

For reservations:
office@biutiful.ro || 0737.297.297
office@fratelli.ro || 0722.115.115


Biutiful & Fratelli

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