• CULOE De SONG (Innervisions, De Song Music, ZA)

  • 2 Februarie 23:00 - 03 Februarie 01:00
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  • Culoe De Song (Innervisions, ZA)
    "... Culoe De Song throws his headphones and waits for the bass to drop. It’s night-time in his hometown, Durban and Artizen Lounge is heaving with people. The bass blares from his latest single, Rambo, and the dancefloor quickly occupies with sweaty bodies and tired minds. Culoe remains head down, focused, working on his mix.

    “Rambo, Rambo,” shouts a woman, in-tandem with the beat.

    The rhythm races on, bodies dancing this way on that. A look at Culoe’s face suggests that, in his own way, he’s just happy to be home. ..."


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