No One Ever Dances: Black Merlin / Dušan Janković / Agnes Aves

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Strada Constantin Mille 4, București, Romania



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NOED is a new series of events @ Control Club, aiming towards a spectrum of leftfield dj sets and live acts that will make your inner parts move and stumble.



George Thompson also known as Black Merlin has released material for the likes of Crimes Of The Future, Jealous God, Common Thread, Boysnoize Records, SORN, LN-CC and OMNIDISC. This year started on a prolific note for George, with two eps that have already hit the shelves, Proto Worlds for Berceuse Heroique, followed by Phase One for Pinkman.

In 2015, he released a self titled album with Gordon Pohl under the moniker of Karamika.

During his tenure in Bali in the summer of 2014, Black Merlin has created a deeply rich textured sound for his inaugural album, Hipnotik Tradisi, by combining traditional Gamelan instruments with electronic textures and a tad of Bali's humid atmosphere by the use of bass rumbles, distant waves, and the heavy heat of the jungle.


Black Merlin (UK)

Dušan Janković (RS)

Agnes Aves (RO)

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10 LE > 12:00 > 20LEI