Open Source Trio LIVE at Green Hours

Data și ora:

Calea Victoriei, București, Romania


Green Hours welcomes back with pleasure:

Open Source Trio

Momchil Atanasoff - piano
Nikos Kalavrytinos - bass
Juri Schewe - drums

Since 2010 OPEN SOURCE TRIO has been continuously touring all over Europe. You could very well say, that they are modernizing the standard setup of the jazz trio. As their name suggests, the band’s compositions combine various styles like jazz, classical, electronica and a touch of Bulgarian folklore.

Open Source Trio debut album ”Mirage” (2014), was very well received and featured on Radio6 (NL), and many other specialized sites and radio stations all over Europe.

The band members have known each other since 2010, while pianist Momchil Atanasoff, drummer Juri Schewe and bassist Ray Janga were studying at the Conservatory in Rotterdam.

Since 2016, the band has welcomed Nikos Kalavrytinos as the new bass player. The three of them are virtuous musicians of a young jazz generation for which crossing stylistic borders is very natural. The music of OPEN SOURCE TRIO has been interpreted as thrilling, provocative and complex while managing to create profound emotional echoes in the crowds they reach.

In many ways, the title of their second album, ”Altitude” (2016) reflects the shared experiences the band had during the last years. Drummer Juri Schewe explains: “Altitude stands for the great heights in the mountains, that we wondered through so often – be it in the Rila mountains or the Alps. These heights we also reached in the most intense moments on stage. On the one hand you feel free, insecure and elevated like everything’s possible, on the other hand you are grounded and you seem to be frozen in time.“

- 25 de lei - achitat în avans, pînă în preziua evenimentului, cu un telefon în prealabil la 0788 452 485
- 35 de lei - achitat în ziua evenimentului (locuri imitate: 1/2 pentru elevi, studenți, pensionari și nevoiași)

# ideal din timp - pe (cf. în max. 48 ore)
# doar la urgenţă - 0788 452 485 (L-V: 11-18)

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