P-Balans: Utopus - Utopics I EP release party

Data și ora:

Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 29-33, Etaj 5, (intrarea pe Strada Baratiei - Magazin Cocor), Bucharest, Romania


The P-Balans constellation marks the release of one of its own, Utopus - Utopics I EP. The occasion will summon Utopus' beloved accomplices, delightful and most devoted Chlorys and The Holy Fix (with a smashing live set, hand - on gear, highly recommended).

On top of this arrangement we have the tremendous pleasure to have Jaye Ward joining the evening.

In her own words Jaye has started "from the outskirts of broadminded psychedelic dance floor programming since the 80’s as art, dub, & industrial met acid house disco downtown Tuesday night. Collected, sold and collected again, more records than she can remember and ran various ill fated club nights over the years. played records alongside Harvey, Diesel, Giles Peterson, Idjut Boys, Frankie Valentine, Moonboots, Kelvin Andrews, the Mighty Zaf, Beppe Loda, Matthew & Jolyon, Bill Brewster, Simon Faze Action, Joel Martin (quiet village), Ashley Beedle, Kenny Hawkes, Luke Solomon, Cosmo & many others as well as running the SOFTMACHINE nights with Black Merlin (bird scarer) and Kyle Martin (ESP’s vactrol patrol & land.

Jaye Ward


The Holy Fix LIVE


10 lei < 00:00 < 20 lei
we reserve the right to select our guests